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More Woolies

January 16, 2010

Felted Wool Coaster

What is it about January that inspires organization and general cleaning out? Whatever the reason this project will inspire you to keep going.

So go dig through your closets and drawers and throw those old or “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that” sweaters into a hot washer and felt those babies into a great craft supply

I wash the wool sweaters in hot water in my washing machine. I wash like colors together to prevent running of colors. I also will wash with towels to add some extra friction.

hot water, soap and friction is what causes the wool fibers to become compacted transforming your knit into a felt. the proper term is fulling but I use felt, felted and felting because we all seem to know what that means.

when the sweaters have been transformed to my satisfaction, sometimes taking two or more washings, I”m ready to begin. For the coasters I first bonded two pieces of felt together using an iron on adhesive such as Heat-n-bond I then used my handy dandy die cutter and simply cut out the shape I wanted.

You could also hand cut these although getting this nice scalloped edge would take some practice.

Felt Coasters

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