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Handmade Nation

January 17, 2010

Last evening I had the pleasure of viewing the movie Handmade Nation at Space Gallery in Portland.

I am grateful to have seen this film . Thank you Faythe Levine for making the film,  thank you Space Gallery for showing the film ,thank you Eli Phant for sponsoring the film. A  big THANK YOU to my friend Laurie who brought it to my attention .

Handmade Nation is a documentary on the craft movement in America by Faythe Levine .  It was great to see craft presented in a film. I was  delighted to see  artists in their studios.

I loved being in a room full of people who share my passion for handmade.The evening affirmed the importance of community to me. I hold dearly connecting with my community. My friends, fellow artists  and the organizations who support the arts are all part of that community.

The film suggests the craft movement is party fueled by a rejection of mass consumerism. In regards to this notion a guest asked  the director what her ideal world looked like. I posed this question to myself. I believe that we are the creators of our lives. I believe that we can create our Ideal World. One way for me to act on that creation is to support what I believe in. I’m interested in creating a balance in my personal consumerism. I’m not boycotting anything. I want to make conscious decisions that support my goal.

what does your ideal world look like? what one choice can you make to support your ideal?

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