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The Weekender Travel Bag Sewing Project is COMPLETE!!!

March 26, 2010

Isn’t this lovely?

As you  know I was recently given the opportunity to sew a sample for the very wonderful shop Alewives Fabrics.

Rhea Sent me all the supplies needed to make The Weekender Travel Bag designed by Amy Butler.

I am a big fan of Amy Butler .

I’ve been using her fabric in my sewing for a few years now but have never tried one of her patterns.

I thought this was a great opportunity to learn some new skills, making cording for example, which I had never done before. It turns out its really easy! However I also learned that when making the cordning you should actually leave a bit of space between the cord and your stitching line. Amy does mention this in her directions I just didn’t leave quite enough. This shows up when you are applying the cording to the bag. You want to stitch inside your seam allowance so that the stitching line of the cording does not show on the outside of the bag.


That’s why they make stitch rippers.

I went back and re-made my cording leaving a little bit more wiggle room and that worked out just fine.

Putting the bag together went along very smoothly. Amy’s instructions are very clear. Even for the sewer who realized she isn’t accustomed to reading directions!

Things got a bit tricky when all the pieces came together.

Not only are there many layers of fabric and interfacing to sew through but the size of the bag itself makes it a bit tricky to handle.

I decided to hand baste a few sections together to make it easier for myself.

perseverance pays off

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  1. Kathy hoins permalink
    September 19, 2015 1:12 pm

    I just want the pattern is that possible?


  1. Eu amo costurar | Inspiração – Bolsa de viagem

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