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What’s on your desk?

April 2, 2010

Mine is collecting all the various projects I have going on.

At the moment Easter is claiming a prime spot.

I love these colorful plastic eggs.

I wasn’t planning on buying more this year but when I opened my stash which had been squirreled away in its hiding place for the past year, I discovered not many eggs at all.


My kids are 8 & 11 so they pretty much know what’s going on but they go along with the charade because they too love the game of it. Pretending there is some magical creature out there hiding treats for them.

Come on who wouldn’t love that?

Can you imagine finding eggs filled with a stash of new fabric? vintage buttons, a new set of sharpies!

This year we have a lot of eggs.

I may regret this Saturday night when I’m wandering around in the dark hiding these  but the hunt is so much fun! I didn’t want to give the kids too many sweets (I was very pleased to find some goodies at Whole Foods – no artificial ingredients , no hfcs)

So I was delighted when I came across this suggestion in the magazine Family Fun

Fill the eggs with puzzle pieces!

When the egg hunt is over the kids will have a fun activity to do together.


The latest issue of Marie Claire Idees

(I don’t read French but the photos are oh so  inspiring)

My new book Stitch Alchemy by Kelli Perkins

A test square for making gel glue batik as seen on Swallowfield

And of course Fabric

I’ve been making pillows and pot holders (I’ll show you those soon)

the fabric here is from Anna Maria Horner

I have another stash arriving in the mail any day from Alewives

What’s on your desk?

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